Mission, strategy and development

All enrolled students at UNAK are members of the SU. The SU’s primary aim is to uphold students’ rights, support and unite the student associations and those who represent students in UNAK’s Councils and Committees as well as those who participate in the SU’s work. The SU supervises social, cultural, sports, and family events and embraces the student associations in making effort in these fields as well. The SU safeguards students’ rights within the academic community, encourage healthy lifestyle and students’ wellbeing and work closely with UNAK’s staff to attain these goals, represent UNAK and whatever concerns students in one way or another.

In beginning of 2011 the SU’s board at that time initiated a project aiming at reorganizing the SU’s operation, establish network archive for the SU and the student associations and implement procedure policies for those who participate in the SU’s work. The project grew rapidly and the following autumn drastic changes in the SU’s organizational structure and operation were introduced. The goal was to improve solidarity and cooperation within the SU, simplify the organizational structure, ensure responsible decision-making but above all develop robust SU.
No major changes are planned while SU is in the evaluation process of recent development and reorganisation of the SU. Surveys show that student within the SU are happy with the development and the SU is a stronger union after the changes.